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Getting DDOSed :(

This morning, when I try to move one of my blog to Hostigation, suddenly I can’t access my VPS and my blog.
Not long after that I’m receiving an email from Hostigation explaining that I’m receiving DDOS by UDP 31931pps, and therefore my IP’s being null routed.
Soon after that, I want to change my blog to the BuyVM, which said more tough when receiving DDOS. But not long after that again, I’m receiving an email from BuyVM that my IP is also being null routed
Hey… Do you love me so much? So you can’t waste your time without DDOSing me???
I just post a thread in LET, and Francisco comes and offering to buy a Filtered IP. I just ordered it, and Francisco is stabbing Anthony to provision it. ( Sorry to Anthony, because of me you’re stabbed by Fran 😛 )
After having the new filtered IP, I change the main IP of BuyVM in the SolusVM to the new one :).
I hope this it the last attempt for DDOSing and Spamming.
Thanks to :

  • Francisco (BuyVM)
  • Anthony (BuyVM)
  • Mr. Tim / miTgiB (Hostigation)

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