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Centriohost Scam – avoid them at all cost

This story begin when CentrioHost offering a Wildcard AlphaSSL at $2,5/year in the LowEndTalk in August 2013.

CentrioHost scam
CentrioHost scam

Many people who bought the SSL were dissapointed because their SSL revoked, some were even deleted from the billing system so they can’t login/open a ticket. Centrio claimed sold about 2500+ SSL at that price at that time, so it’s about $5K for one offer. And then CentrioHost posted another offer with the same price in the next month.
Nightmare begin, the representative in LowEndTalk were very rude, he’s using bad words for answering any complaints.
Many and many user get deleted from the billing system, if not deleted, the Product/Services removed from the billing system. Invoices and Emails also removed, so it’s just like that we never had any transaction with them.
And this is the simple reason for CentrioHost to removed it :

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