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Santrex OpenVZ Linux Unmeterred

Today, I saw an advertisement in the internet and decided to try it.
It’s Unmeterred Santrex OpenVZ Linux, which come with :

  • RAM 256Mb
  • Burstable RAM 512Mb
  • Diskspace 30Gb
  • Connection 100mbit
  • Bandwidth unlimited
  • 1 CPU
  • 1 IP Address
  • All content allowed
  • SolusVM Control Panel

At first, I try to use this VPS as a WHM/Cpanel server. But I did a mistake, altough it have burstable 521Mb, for a WHM/Cpanel server it should have more than 256Mb memory.
And also at several times, the VPS is being offline, and can not be boot/rebooted. The memory usage is also maximum.

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