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Beware Rapidshare stole my Rapid points is a famous file sharing website in the world, but I will not use their service or even pay for it anymore.
At October 1, 2010, I just realized that I lost my Rapid points for 301, where it should be more than 0 rapid points in my Rapidshare Account.
Previously, I only charged for 99 Rapid points for extending the Account for 30 days, but when at October 1, I opened my Rapidshare Account from the web browser, I am charged about -301 Rapid points just for extending the Account for 19 days.
I have contacted the Rapidshare from the menu Email Contact about the Rapid transaction at that day, but didn’t get any reply from them till today.
So, for all of you, Rapidshare users, please stay away from them, and never spend your money with them. You don’t know when they will charged your Rapid points just for silly periods.

Here is their answer :

Should you have less than 495 Rapids, your account will not be extended for 30
days, but traffic and runtime will be added to your account proportionally
depending on how many Rapids you have. Please activate the setting "automatic
traffic extension" in your account.
The conversion will take place after the expiration date of Rapid Pro or
immediately, if it is expired.
Kindly note a conversion from Rapids into traffic is not possible if you have
less than 280 Rapids.
Thank you for understanding.
Best regards,
RapidShare Support
RapidShare AG
Gewerbestrasse 6
6330 Cham
Fon: +41 41 748 78 80
Fax: +41 41 748 78 99
ErawanArif Nugroho schrieb:
> Dear Rapidshare,
> Today I am having a weird transaction in my Rapid Points.
> Last month, when I am extending / purchasing thr Rapid point, I have about 500
> or 400 rapid points. But today, I saw the Rapid transactions, my Rapid points
> is charged for -301 ( automatic extending for 19 days), while at the last
> month, I only charged for -99 ( automatic extention for 30 days)
> Would you help me with this?
> Regards,
> Erawan Arif Nugroho

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