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How to install csf firewall in VPS with WHM/Cpanel

In this tutorial, I will explain the simple tutorial for installing the csf as a Plugin in the WHM/Cpanel
1. Connect using SSH to the VPS as root
2. Download the installation file :

# wget

3. Extract the downloaded file :

# tar -xzf csf.tgz

4. Remove the downloaded file :

# rm -rf csf.tgz

5. Change to the csf directory, and install it :

# cd csf
# sh
Just in case you want to uninstall csf, use the following command :
# cd /etc/csf
# sh

6. Login to the WHM/Cpanel,  and go to Plugins – ConfigServer Security & Firewall
7. Click on the Firewall Configuration, find and modify it using the following values :

TCP_IN = add the port that you will use for the ssh connection
UDP_IN = add the port that you will use for the ssh connection

8. After that, click the “Change” button in the bottom of the csf configuration
9. Click Restart csf +lfd
10. Click Return
11. Click on the “Check server security”
12. Secure your VPS server as stated in the red color.

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