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Email from VPS being blocked by Yahoo

Yesterday I was noticed by LFD and Exim that my emails were not sent, due to some of them were deferred by Yahoo.
Then I checked at the WHM/Cpanel >> Email >> Mail quee manager
I saw that my emails that shoould be sent to Yahoo Address were being hold. So I try to Deliver it. After that, I got the result from the exim that I should try to use the following URL for fixing the problem :
Just in case you are facing this kind of problem, try to fill the form with the information, and wait for 48 hours.
Because I am using my VPS installed with WHM/Cpanel for hosting several websites, I have to fix this problem immediatelly. If this problem occur to me, then it’s also possible for the others domain at my VPS will be face it too.
I saw some problem occur with HostGator long ago, and the Manager is contacting Yahoo too.
For some precautions, just in case we did not setup the SPF for our domain, here is some info.
For adding SPF record, I will post it in my next article.
And thanks to Allah, today I’ve received my email from the VPS to my Yahoo email address.

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