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HostRail 1 Power Unit Server – $1.5/mo

Today, I’ve received my second VPS from HostRail.
Their price is so crazy, when we are using the coupon : “Lowendbox”, our price will be cut to half. This time, I ordered my second 1 Power Unit Server with $1.5/month.
Specifications are :

  • RAM 256Mb
  • No Burstable
  • Disk Space 30 Gb
  • Bandwitdh 200 Gb
  • 300 Mhz CPU
  • 1 IP Address
  • HyperVM Control Panel

HostRail HyperVM

With that low price, I don’t know how thay can get a profit. Let say, $1.5 is only enough for purchasing an IP, then what about the costs for running the server itself? Maybe they are giving it for free
My purpose for buying this VPS is for my DNS Cluster, my third one located in Dallas, USA.
But after installing the Cpanel DNS Cluster, as usual, the Brute Force function is not worked, so I have to reinstall / upgrade the Cpanel DNS Cluster again. This time, it took so long, and at the end it said that there was some missing / error package. So I guess this is from the OS Template. Tried again but then it still the same.
So, I decided not to use it as my DNS Cluster at now.

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