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After seeing an offer at the LowEndBox about, a VPS in Netherland, I decided to buy it because I want to use it for my Cpanel DNS only.
What I don’t realized is, that VPS did not have any Control Panel. No SolusVM, No HyperVM, or any VPS Control Panel. We just suplied with an IP and Password for logging into the VPS. Quite disappointed, but that is my mistake because did not read or searching about it.
Ordering and Payment is instant, no MaxMind or any fraud warning. The VPS details is sent after several hours.
After that, I try to download and install Cpanel DNS Only. But as usual, we will see a blank page for the Bulk Force Protection, so we have to re-upgrade the installation. But after clicking the upgrade, the Cpanel is having an error.
I face this when I am using HostRail 1 Power Unit Server, so I checked the VPS given to me. Maybe the reason is the VPS only having a 4 Quad Core Q6600 with 58Mhz speeds per core. It’s too slow, and also when updating the server using yum update, it always showing an error.
SO, I have to cancel it immediately after configuring it for running a Cpanel DNS Only. I don’t need a refund, I don’t need an offer for the better server, because I’m so dissapointed.
Yes, with this price, I got what I pay for.

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