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We will not accept any order from India

Few days ago, I got a user from India registering at my WHMCS. And that user is using fake identity, it’s really annoying.
And today, someone from India contacting me and said that he is about to buy 1 Year Hotfile Premium Voucher using Paypal. He is contacting me because the reseller in India is selling it at higher price.
Since there is some Hotfile reseller in India, I suggest him to buy from them, because I am respecting another person business. I don’t want to stole someone business by crossing the country.
He is trying to transfer the money directly to my Paypal account without even registering as Client at my WHMCS. So I ask him to register first and complete the order. He is having an issue when registering at my website, and that’s probably he is using the IP addres that have been blocked by WHM/Cpanel, so he said that he will restart the modem.
After restarting the modem, he can completed the registration. Before approving his order, I am asking my friends whether it is safe or not to accept payment from India.
Most of them is say that it’s too risky to accept payment using Paypal, and they suggest me to using LR. This Indian guy then sending me his Paypal transaction in PDF as a proof. But something inside my heart keep telling me to be careful with this order.
So, I decided to block this Indian guys email to stop contacting me by ym. But, he is the using another email account and buzzing me. What an annoying. Why did he keep insisting to buy from me? While there is another reseller available.
And for my last decission, I have to blocked all IP address in India, and will never accept any order from India.

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