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Quit from BuyVM

After having several problem, and stay for a while with BuyVM, I decided to quit from them.
Long time ago, when I was still loving LEA post in LEB, I bought the OpenVZ 256 from BuyVM, and the download/upload speed is so worse. I don’t remember which node, but it’s 150kb/s :, so I cancel it.
Not long after that, I saw so many people talking about their great product, and I want to give it a try again.
But soon, they have a problem with the router/network, while the vps it self is fine. Okay, I moved my sites to another host just for a while, and after they finished it, I moved back to them. No problem.
Then, I am receiving several DDOS attack. I’m moved it to Hostigation, they null route me. I move to BuyVM, and it also null routed. I move to Iperweb/Prometeus, and it works fine, the DDOS have no effect.
So, because I still love BuyVM, I decided to buy filtered IP, and switch my IP to the new one. All works fine, and no more problem with DDOS. Thanks to Anthony.
Next, after looong vacation, and off from the internet, I read a post in LET, about data loss. What???
Although it’s just a 128MB vps which many people just use it as VPN, I still a bit worried if this case ever happen to me/my vps. SO today, I cancel my VPS with BuyVM and move to Prometeus/Iperweb.
I know that if electronical related stuff will have any problem. But … Maybe this time I have to say goodbye from BuyVM.
If in the future they have a solid stuff, no more problem, or at least very very few in a year, maybe I will try them again.
Thanks to Francisco, Anthony for helping me all this time.


  1. Francisco Dias

    That’s kind of an odd logic behind that considering we went above and beyond to fix people up, no?
    BurstNET, 123Systems and countless others have had full data loss on nodes due to a power loss/FSCK gone wrong and recovered exactly 0 files for their users.
    We’re doing better than most since we’re also boosting our backup storage so people can use it for even more backups. How many people provide 15GB of free storage at no additional cost? especially on a $15/y VM?
    Thanks for the business during your time with us and we hope to see you again in the future 🙂

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      I know and fully understand that you and the whole team are doing the best 🙂 And most of them are for client, supporting the client at max.
      And also, a hardware, or let say, anything connected to the electricity, or any electrical equipment will have problem sometimes, because I’m working as a technician in here, Indonesia.
      Please do not compare your company to Burst, because you’re far much better than Burst. You have friendly support, and also nice.
      So, maybe I quit for this moment, but if I needed to join with BuyVM at another time, I sure will do 🙂

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