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Top Providers Q2 2012

Liam made this thread on LET, asking all users in the community to vote for their TOP provider, making it roughly 150  replies before the time was up and the votes were counted.
The rules were simple:

  • You can’t vote for your company.
  • One entry per person
  • You can list 1-3 vps providers, and you can also list honourable mentions.
  • Valid reason for each of your chosen providers
  • You plan has to be within the <$7 limit
  • The first provider listed will receive 3 points, second 2 points and the third 1 point.

The score
Buyvm: 64 Points [HM x 4]
Prometeus: 42 Points [HM x 4]
Hostigation: 41 Points [HM x 3]
Edis: 36 Points [HM]
ChicagoVPS: 27 Points [HM]
Providers with Honourable Mentions but without points:
123Systems: HM [x2].
123COM: HM.
Dishonorable mention
TechieVPS: DM [x2].

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