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Moving to Prometeus VZ5

Today I have completed migrated this blog to my another VPS with Prometeus, VZ5.
This VPS is having bigger memory ( 512MB ), compared to the previous VZ3 ( 384mb). I wish there would be no more downtime with the vps, except for the DNS :p
I’ve using DNS but they’re having issues so I switched to CloudFlare. But with CloudFlare I still having issues. One a day, they always shows this blog as offline. So I switched to HE DNS.
The minus side of this VZ5 is the io is not as good as the VZ3. But as long as it’s stable, then it would be no problem 🙂
Anyway, this is just a small blog, and the database querry is not much yet, so the VZ5 is still enough for it
Edit :
24 September 2012
This VPS is configured using Minstall 2.5.5 and also using SSL from StartSSL


    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      Sure, I will still use HE DNS until I found that my website is unreachable :D.
      Previously, CloudFlare make my site load faster, but they always down everyday, that’s the main reason I’m switching to HE DNS 🙂

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