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Watching movies in by using OpenVPN

After being bored with the usual movies in the TV Channel in Indonesia, I just remember that I have an account on, and want to watch another movies on there again 🙂
So, after doing some search on the LowEndBox, LowEndTalk and WHT, here is some VPS Provider list in the US which I choose for running an OpenVPN Server :

  • Stylexnetworks
  • ( Unmetered 10mbps )
  • CatalystVPS ( Unmetered 100mbps )

Maounique also giving me a free SSH Tunnel under BudgetVM VPS, thank’s Mao 🙂
And for setting up the OpenVPN Server, we can use the following tutorials in a vps :

Update, upgrade and installing OpenVPN

Configuring OpenVPN

Enabling Port Forwarding

Setting up the IPTABLES

Saving IPTABLES to file

Restoring IPTABLES at each boot

Insert the following code :

Press Ctrl+O to save the file
Press Ctrl+X to exit from nano editor
Set the file so it can be executed

Configuring OpenVPN Server configuration /etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf

Configuring OpenVPN Client configuration client.ovpn

Adding username and set the password

Copying certificate and needed files

Start your OpenVPN Server

Download all of your files from /etc/openvpn and copy it to your OpenVPN installation in directory “config”.
Now you have your own OpenVPN server ready for watching hulu :). It will ask for your username and password when connecting to the OpenVPN server
If you need the, you can download it here

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