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Apology for domain auction in LET, and also being banned in FreeNode IRC Channel

First of all, I want to apologize for all people which is being disappointed with my domain auction in LET and also WHT.
I know many people mad because they couldn’t get their wanted domain name. And some mad because I said that the domain already claimed in one forum but still available in another forum.
The truth is, someone saw my post in LET and WHT, and contacting me by Contact Form in my blog. Since he is asking to pay me with higher value, I’m honoring him, accepted the money, but the domain still not transferred to his account. Some bid in LET is too low, I know people would try to get something nice with the lowest price as possible.
But, I just don’t like it. If we like something, and feel it’s something worth to fight, then why we just try to buy it at the lowest price? Why don’t you buy a diamond for a $7? Because you know it’s worth to pay for.
As with my online experience, specially with unknown/new people in the internet, I couldn’t just do the sale before being safe not having charge back.
In my last experience, someone make a payment to me using fraud/stollen paypal account, and I did the sale process. But soon after they received the product, they’re opening dispute / charge back to PayPal saying that they did not received the product.
In this LET case, I just hold the domain transfer progress, and wait until the money stay in safe. So I just say that it’s already claimed by someone.
But in LET case, the domain which is I said already being claimed by someone outside LET, is because someone already make the payment, but for safety reason I can’t just transfer the domain, and I want to keep the money for atleast 24hours just in case having PayPal dispute. And it’s true. The money sent to me being disputed, so that makes the domain available again.
And now, that domain listed in the auction of LET is :

    Claimed as the highest bid, payed for $12, and transferred to LET member  connercg
    Claimed by, payed for $31.5 , and transferred to LET member ckm_2
    Claimed by, payed for $26, and transferred to LET member Fliphost
    I tought MannDude want to buy it with five doll hairs, so, why should I give something I paid for a doll hairs?
    Someone from WHT put some offer, payed and transferred it to GraviTech

Is it become a problem just because I’m not a provider?
I see someone posting the same offer in LET and WHT, and it’s not a problem for people who did not get the domain in WHT. Let see, for an LET member, if you’re a WHT member and placing bid in WHT, and did not get your wanted domain, will you do the same?


  1. Asim Zeeshan

    Awww, shucks. I wanted and I never knew when it was available again in LET for bidding 🙁
    Anyway, you are also banned from any and all irc channels owned by me (right now I have none) but rest assure you will be when I open any :p

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      Oh.. hehehe..
      I used to be have a, but crazydomain removed it.
      Do you want and
      And also, I have created an IRC server, you might want to test it, it’s running in a FrontRangeHosting. 🙂

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