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Prometeus launched for a big memory vps

March 17, 2013 Uncel Salvatore posted an offer in LET and LEB of a big memory VPS which come with :

This is another crazy deals from Uncel Salvatore in this year. At first, I thought it was a part of April 1 joke, but it’s not :p
So, I decided to buy this vps, but I’m not intending to run a benchmark because I believe many people already did that, so I don’t want to create another load on the node.
Another question come after I got this vps, what would I use this vps for?

  • A Minecraft Server
  • Moving this blog to this big vps
  • Running monitoring script
  • Providing Free Shared Hosting
  • Providing Free disposable email
  • Rapidleech server
  • OpenVPN Server
  • Another game server

At this time, I just want to test the performance of this vps for several months. If it’s good enough, no downtime or another problem like what happened in the OpenVZ SSD 7 deal before, maybe I will switch to this new vps.
As usual, all Uncle Salvatore offer, always a great offer. A great personal touch, and feeling like a corporate customer, even if we’re a personal customer. And also very friendly way to contact, as a friend, rather than as a customer / buyer.
That’s what I feel when I heard the name of Prometeus 🙂
Munin monitoring can be viewed here

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