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Happy Birthday 16th to Prometeus at July 7, 2013

A few days ago, I’m receiving the newsletter from Prometeus/Iperweb, which will be a few more days celebrating their 16th Birthday.
Prometeus having their domain name, registered at July 8, 1998.So, it will be their 16th years in the internet providing hosting, consultation, and great help for everyone 🙂
I like Prometeus, and also the Owner, Uncle Sal and his Wife, Mrs. Daniela. Not because they giving me a good deal or some free stuff 🙂
But more like having a good friend in a far place, in another side of the earth, Italy. Well, I wish I could do something like him, sharing his knowledge and make the knowledge become useful for another people, helping another people by providing something like hosting and ideas, and be a good friend that you can rely on :))
At least, in the rest of my life, I want to be someone that ever acknowledged by everyone, and can contribute something that can be used and useful for human being. That’s one of the many reasons I’m alive, and live in this era. Not created as a human in the past, and also not created as a human in the future. I want to enjoy my current live, as a good person, and have contribution for this life.
This is also one of my reason to build this blog, to share my knowledge, so many people can make it as their source when they need a reference. I wish I could have a website, which is available for a lifetime, no need to worry about the expiration of the domain name, not either about continuing paying the hosting after I’m deat 🙂

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