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Moving my download server from RamNode to BuyVM

Today I’m moving my download server, a mirroring server from RamNode to BuyVM.
Some people would misunderstood that I’m moving this blog to BuyVM, so no, I don’t move this blog to anywhere else than Prometeus 🙂
The new home for the download server would be having the same ram, 256MB of memory. But with less harddisk, which previously 90GB from RamNode, now it just 30GB from BuyVM.
Maybe Indonesian user will ask, why don’t I just move the download server to Indonesian provider? The answer is simply NO.
Most Indonesian provider only can give maximum upload at 200kbps to the international, usually it just stuck at 50kbps. So, for a mirror, if people wants to get a 1GB file, how long did they need to take it to complete?


  1. jogja

    bukane malah kebalik
    ramnode setahu saya udah 1gbps, sedang buyvm masih 100mbps. dari segi HDD juga banyakan ramnode, dari segi harga juga murah ramnode
    dan saya sendiri sekarang memutuskan ga akan nerusin vps saya yang di buyvm karena buyvm ga sebagus dulu, dan harga nya relatif mahal

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      Iya mas, tapi mungkin agak bosan juga sama ramnode.
      Terlalu sering reboot bulan kemarin. Ping/akses dari Indonesia juga lebih lambat dibandingkan sama BuyVM.
      Dulu saya pakai buat blog di RamNode, waktu saya buat mainin lagu/mp3, ga muncul-muncul. Kalau dari Prometeus, baru klik lagu, langsung play, padahal lokasi di Italy, begitu juga sama BuyVM, lebih cepet dari RamNode.
      Terakhir, sudah malas dengan terlalu sering muncul promo. Dan harganya selalu lebih murah dari waktu kemarin beli. 🙁
      Kalau dibandingin, Francisco lebih banyak membantu saya daripada Nick. 🙂

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      BuyVM have better access to Indonesia, no lagging compared to RamNode.
      More than that, I’m tired of the “lifetime discount 35%” for every offer posted in WHT/LEB/LET :p
      Francisco from BuyVM helping me much, and answering many questions from me, so, I just like to have a service from a “friend” 🙂

  2. Tommy King

    do you still have buyvm server? how is it now after the LET showdown? and how it compares to prometeus? i would like to test it because of their Offloaded SQL for some of my project.
    Thank You

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      I’m not using BuyVM now, because their vm is not working for me.
      Last time, when BuyVM moved to SSD, back in December maybe, I just having problem with the VM. Everytime it’s rebooted, it never went online again, so I had to reinstall it.
      But after reinstallation with new/another OS, the OS content remain the same with the previous one, but with different password. And it keeps like that, again and again.
      So, after purchasing it, and receiving it, I just wasting my time to try to fix the problem before submitting a ticket. And after 6 hours, I just cancel it.
      The problem, not just one time, but a few months back, and another before that. So, I just say no to BuyVM offer. It’s just simply not work for me.
      Download a test file from Speedy, just a few kbps. If the test file from my BuyVM downloaded from another vps provider, their speeds never went beyond 1Mbps.
      So, what Maounique said about their terrible network is true. But me and Fran is a friend, so I just let it go that way. I won’t make a complaint, but I won’t use their service too.
      For me, no one can beat Prometeus. Their network speed, their disk IO, their support, anything they have is the best. “Uang ga pernah bohong” :p
      But for better speed and testing, I just moved this blog to DigitalOcean Singapore for a while.

      • Tommy King

        I see, thank you for your opinion.. i really appreciate it.. i’ll just stay with prometeus.. uncle Sal and Mao is really a great guy.. processed my enquiry even on weekend.
        I might be getting a few with Prometeus.. but as it said, Price is good with that kind of performance and uptime.

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