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Solving OpenVZ VPS IPv6 only can not reach internet

Tonight, I’ve finished my project of creating an OpenVZ VPS inside the Atom N2800 Dedicated Server from FitVPS.
My basic idea is to create an OpenVZ VPS with IPv6 only, so people can only connect to it via IPv6. Altough I can make a port forwarding to the ssh port of the VPS.
So, the problem is the VPS can ping another IPv6, but can not ping the url or wget from url. And I remember my previous problem with the VPS that can ping but can’t browse the internet is at the nameserver resolver.
As I tought, the default nameserver still using and, while for the IPv6 we need to add the following nameserver to the /etc/resolv.conf

All of them is using Google, so if you have the similar problem while creating an OpenVZ and can’t access the internet, try to change the nameserver as I did 🙂

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