Configuring IPv6 in Proxmox VE3

I’ve been googling for some articles and tutorials about IPv6 support in Proxmox VE3, but most of them didn’t explain it clearly, and some of them using language other than English, so, here is some fix for IPv6 inside Proxmox.
Configuring sysctl.conf

To apply the configuration, we can reboot the dedicated server or run # sysctl -p
For the IPv6, let’s assume that we got the following IPv6 allocation :

  •  Routed IPv6 : 2a02:7900:1:1002::2/64
  • Gateway : 2a02:7900:1:1002::1

Add an IPv6 to your OpenVZ container

Install radvd for announcing your IPv6 range

Configure your /etc/radvd.conf, and we are using our whole IPv6 allocation here, so another IPv6 from our range will be announced.

Configure our /etc/network/interfaces to automatically load the routing when the dedicated server boot.

Now, we can login to the container or newly created OpenVZ VPS, and have a working IPv6 connection

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      1. I posted my problem on the support forum here but no one has responded to me yet.
        Basically, I don’t know what I am doing to configure ipv6 through my bridge+bond config. I tried using parts of your tutorial, but whenever I went to ifup/down my network interfaces, it would say things like vmbr1 cannot be found/configured (I dont remember the exact error, I am not at home right now.

          1. Yes, I tunnel my ipv6 through hurricane electric on my pfsense router. that works as a dhcpv6 server that manages my addresses. I actually had everything working perfectly, but then I decided to switch from vmware esx to proxmox, because I wanted free live vm migration.
            What do you mean by vmbr0 using the dedicated ip? do you mean the ip of vmbr1 (

  1. hello i have problem Add an IPv6 to in my container, the console generated this error:
    Warning: distribution not specified in CT config, using defaults from /etc/vz/dists/default
    WARNING: /etc/pve/openvz/103.conf not found: No such file or directory
    Unable to move /etc/pve/openvz/103.conf.tmp -> /etc/pve/openvz/103.conf: File exists

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