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Back online after several days in hospital

Well, today is the first day I’m getting back to work after taking a leave since Saturday last week.
Me and my friend having an accident Wednesday last week, we were falling from a ladder when we were repairing an air conditioner. I’m still lucky even I’m the one at the top, and not having a serious injury.
But my friend whose at the bottom of the ladder got hit at his head by the ladder. He’s having a surgery in his head, and have to rest for 3 night in the hospital. During that stay in the hospital, I accompany him by sleeping near him.
That’s why some due invoice from several provider were late to payed. Sorry to Uncle Sal and rds100 for causing so much trouble during that time 🙂
Due to insufficient funds in my paypal/credit card, I have to reduce some bills since today, and therefore I have to cancel some unused services.

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