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Prometeus launch their VPS Node in Pune, India

This morning, I’m receiving an email with the subject “Your Virtual Private Server is ready” from Prometeus. As far as I remember, I didn’t purchase any vps last night, so I just open the email, and it’s a vps located in India. I just contacted Uncle Sal to clarify if this is a mistake or correctly a gift.
Uncle said that it’s correctly as a gift for me, because he read that I make a cancellation of my vps from LeapSwitch, and decided to give me a vps to test. That’s a very generous of Uncle Sal, I wish God give him anything more than he give to everyone.
Testing of this node still under process…

  • Memory 256MB
  • Swap 256MB
  • Disk space 5GB SSD
  • Bandwidth 100GB
  • 1 IPv4 and 2 IPv6
  • Xen PV/SolusVM
  • $4.5/month
  • Order Here

CPU Info

Memory Info


Disk Space

 Download test from cachefly

 Traceroute to Cachefly

 Ping to Cachefly

 DD Test


 Ping from Indonesia

 Traceroute from Indonesia

 Serverbear Benchmark


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