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Boxsrv, Vmport, GetKVM, Visual6 all by Ashley Hawkridge

Whenever I saw Ashley Hawkridge, I always remember how he did the business.
Many business opened by Ashley, such Boxsrv, Vmport, GetKVM, but all of them went deadpooled, or even sold to another company.
Now, after he said that he will out of business, I saw his post at LET today, but his signature is still the same, selling a vps, and it’s name now visual6.
I wonder what’s on his mind, opening a business, gathering a money, and then sell it. He keeps doing it again and again, all just only stay for one year. If we search his history in LEB, all of them only last for one year. Or after he sell/closed his business, he will open another business in the next year. And also I wonder, why people still keep buying stuff from him. 🙁
He really need to be banned from the industry. Just wasting another people time and money.

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