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Comstownit closing down

This morning I’m trying to login to my client are in Comstownit, but it always return me that the login details is mismatch. The KVM is still working tough.
Just a little upset, because I’ve talked to Chris Mauer, and I know that he have a great idea for improving the services.
This is part of the email that I don’t get :

Ladies and Gentlemen,
    due to previous events, the Board has
    called for a closure of the company.
    To 01/01/2014 we will therefore set the business.
    Please note in time to make backups of your data,
    because if not previously terminated, the data is removed.
Finally, we would like to have our partner IP Projects GmbH & Co. KG recommend:
They can give server, web space and domains cheap but highly professional.
Thank you for your loyalty!


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