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Testing our new home at HostUS Singapore

Yesterday I saw an offer at LET from HostUS with Singapore location, and I decided to give it a try.
Server loading s fast, and the disk performance also good. Since most of the visitor to this blog comes from Indonesia, maybe I will use HostUS as my new home.
Meanwhile, the KVM VPS from Prometeus Italy will serve for Premium Site that need stability.


  1. febrian

    Saya cek masih di Digital Fyre ya gan servernya? Load page nya cepet banget blognya gan. Padahal lokasi di UK ya? Termasuk VPS recommended gak nih gan Digital Fyre? Secara harganya mantep banget. Jadi pengen pindah ke sana.
    Saya lagi pake Digital Ocean. Tapi kemarin tiba-tiba server unresponsive gitu. Padahal pengunjung web biasa aja. Lagi nyari-nyari lagi VPS yang cocok.

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