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99 cents OpenVZ by VPSTree

I saw an advertisement on the LEB, October 11 2010, it’s VPSTree which come with the following packages :

  • 64 Mb guaranted memory
  • 76 Mb burstable memory
  • 50 Gb monthly bandwidth
  • 5 Gb Disk space
  • $0.99 monthly fee

As stated in the advertisement, the server are located in HostNoc, Scranton PA. So, I assume it’s with BurstNet. I’ve been so long want to try the BurstNet network, but they are very strict in processing the order. Many requirements needed by BurstNet.
So, atleast today I can try how is their network 😀
I am setting up the VPS using the LowEndScript from the LEB, and using the Debian OS. It’s using about 25Mb to 50Mb memory. So, I still have some memory left. For a 99 cents,I guess nothing I can expect from a low price and a low end box like that.
At sometimes, when I am connecting to the VPS with SSH using Bitvise Tunellier, the connection are closed without any reasons. Then I try to login again, and see the uptime, it’s just like the server getting restarted. I don’t know about this, but this won’t make any problem, as long as I don’t loose any data.
Another weird condition is, when I am reinstalling the VPS, I saw in the memory info in the SolusVM, it’s using about 76Gb of memory. While my VPS is only using a 76Mb, so, maybe this is the SolusVM bugs, or maybe i’ts the real VPSTree memory that being used in the server.
If they are really using a 76 Gb of memory, and the collor is red, so, maybe they are overselling on the VPS offer. Lets try to make a calculation. Under a 76Gb memory, and split to each 76Mb memory, what will we get? It’s about 1000 VPS.
Hm…  Let the market answer it

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