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Private Number phone call to my XL number

I’ve received sooo many Private Number to my XL number. And it’s annoying me.
After searching over the Internet for configuring my LG KT610 mobile phone, all I can do is :
1. Using the Voice Mail Box for incoming Phone Call

*818#  and press OK for activating the Voice Mail Box
#818# and press OK for de-activating the Voice Mail Box

2. Diverting all incoming voice mail to the Voice Mail Box
3. Using a Symbian Software for managing the incoming Voice Call and SMS
Well, I still need to know, who is the girl that calling me at 11.30PM, and keep saying “Who is this?”
Weird, she is the one who calling me, but she keep asking who I am. Where did she get my number anyway? Since my XL number only known by several people only, and also I am reloading the Credits using my E-Banking.

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