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Firefox 7.0 and Roboform 7.5.1

After having many problems with the Firefox 6.0.2, about using so much memory and lagging constantly, today I try to update my Firefox to the latest version, version 7.0.
But after the upgrade of my Firefox to the version 7.0, my Roboform Toolbar not working anymore.  I guess there is a problem or incompatibility between Firefox 7.0 with the Roboform 7.4.2. So I jump to the Roboform website and grab the latest version of it, it is Roboform 7.5.1.
Using  Roboform version 7.5.1, my Roboform toolbar is working again. If you come from the Search Engine looking for this problem, maybe you can try to upgrade your browser and roboform to the latest version.


  1. roboform coupon discount

    I just tried installing RoboForm and have version 3.0.10 of Firefox installed and I still have to log in every time I close out of the window, rather than my logins being automatically saved. (Note: RoboForm has the passwords saved.) It has done this for months, I believe since version 3 originally came out. Any help would be appreciated. =]

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      What is the problem with the login? What website?
      Have you tried to update yout internet browser? Firefox is having version 21.0 currently, and the Roboform having version
      Why are you still using the old version?

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