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EZPZHosting UK15 under DDOS

My reseller account with EZPZHosting which located in UK15  is down today. Important websites hosted there, including the University Website in Madagascar,
Big apologies for any clients which are affected by this.
The engineer are working at this
Erawan Arif Nugroho


  • SRV15 DDoS Attack (Reported)
    Affecting Server - cPanel15 | Priority - Critical
        SRV15 is currently the target of a large scale DDoS attack which has taken the server offline.
        We are working to identify the user being targetted and mitigate the attack but due to the size or the attack may take some time.
        11:08 - The server is now back online and we're monitoring the network very closely.
        21:42 - The attack has escalated resulting in the server going offline. We're working on mitigating this now.
        2:09   - We are now changing accounts IPs to mitigate the DDoS. No nameserver changes are required.
        11:08 - The IPs have all been changed and a mass mail to all affected clients has been sent.
        20:54 - The DdoS has started again and we're identiying the IP address being attacked.
        20:59 - The IP address being targetted has been nulled. Thanks to the measures put in place yesterday only one reseller is currently offline.
    Date - 15/04/2012 07:46
    Last Updated - 16/04/2012 21:00

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