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Moving to SecureDragon

As a trial, I will move my another project to the SecureDragon today.
Despite bad review from several people because the TOS breaking for non polite words, I guess it’s because the people are not patient and not honoring another person. Same case just like QuickWeb. I saw many people having problem with them, and saying to be careful. But if I see it from the provider side, that the customer were the one having the problem, the customer were not polite and harassing the employee. So, it’s not a problem from the provider, but from the customer itself.
So, welcome to the new provider, SecureDragon. Wish I could stay long with them 🙂
Before we go, as usual, I will write some review of SecureDragon OpenVZ O256 :

  • Memory 256 MB
  • Burstable Memory 512 MB
  • Disk Space 15 GB Raid10
  • Bandwidth 1TB
  • Node fire01
  • 1 IPv4, no IPv6
  • Tun/Tap and PPP can be enabled from SolusVM
  • Monthly fee $2.99

CPU Info :

Network Speed :

Disk IO :

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