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Configuring the IPv6 with this blog :)

So, after reading several websites which now IPv6 enable, I would like to make this blog IPv6 enable too… :p
First case is, I can run this blog under IPv6 with BuyVM without problem. Buy with another host, I always have a problem. But thank’s to the LET, when I post a thread about this issues, Mr. Salvatore from Prometeus/Iperweb comes with a suggestion.
When I’m running this blog with Ubuntu 10.04, I can run without problem with BuyVM, but with another host, with the same Ubuntu 10.04, and the same configuration for PHP and Lighttpd, I always facing issues. So I decided to try another OS, Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit with VPS from Prometeus/Iperweb.
By using Ubuntu 11.10, we get Lightpd 1.4.28.
And the configuration is a bit different from Ubuntu 10.04 / Lighttpd 1.4.26.
So, here is the steps I take to make this blog running under Ubuntu 11.10 :

  • Create a backup of WordPress directory and database at another VPS
  • Fresh Installation of Ubuntu 11.10 VPS
  • Update / Upgrade, and removing unneeded packages :
  • Installing needed component to run as a Webserver:
  • Download the backup file and databases :
  • Copying the files to the webdir and extract it :
  • Creating Databases and Import the backup database to the system :
  • Configure the Lighttpd 1.4.28 to work with IPv6 :
  • Configuring the simple-vhost :
  • Enabling fastcgi and fastcgi-php in Lighttpd:

    Do remember that php-cgi is running 4 child by default, so it might eat some memory. You can tweak it by changing it :

  • Restart the Lighttpd :
  • Reducing MySQL by disabling innodb

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