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Install and configure znc as an IRC Bouncer

This tutorial is dedicated for installing and creating znc in a Debian VPS as an IRC Bouncer. Before proceeding with this tutorial, please read your provider TOS, are they allowing you to run IRC related service ( IRC Daemon/IRC Bouncer/ IRC Bot, etc.) or not.
ZNC is the simple but nice IRC Bouncer. IRC Bouncer is a software which keeps connection active to an IRC server. This would be usefull te keep your nick as an OP ( Operator ) or keep your nick stay seems Online in an IRC Channel.
For connecting to the znc, you can use :

  • /server znc.server port username:password

As for this tutorial, I’m installing and running znc in my Prometeus/Iperweb VPS.

  • Creating a user for znc ( do not run znc as root):

  • Installing ZNC

  • Login as the new user
  • Configure the znc :

  • Your znc is ready now.
    Try to connect to your znc and configure it as needed via web browser :

    Connect to your znc via IRC Client

    and type /znc and help

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