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Tutorial install Unreal IRCD 3.2.9 and Anope services in Debian 6 32bit

In this tutorial we will try to install IRC Server using UnrealIRCD 3.2.9 and Anope for the service.
* Before continuing, please read your provider Terms Of Services ( TOS ), are they allowing IRC related to be running in their server or not.
Lets prepare the Server, by installing some required packages :

  • # apt-get install openssl libssl-dev
    # apt-get install gcc build-essential automake autoconf libncurses5-dev

Create new user for running and configuring the UnrealIRCD. Do not run IRC server as root :

  • # adduser ircuser

Download and installing the UnrealIRCD :

  • Login as the new user
  • Make new directory for downloading the UnrealIRCD
    # mkdir src
  • Change to the src directory
    # cd srv
  • Download the UnrealIRCD
    # wget
  • Extract the downloaded file
    # tar xf Unreal3.2.9.tar.gz
  • Go to the extracted directory and start configuring
    # cd Unreal3.2.9
    # ./Config

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