Learning and configuring FreeBSD from Frontrangehosting

After hunting for a KVM with FreeBSD os templates, finally I go with Frontrangehosting.
Here is the list of KVM provider I want to purchase :

  • Cosmostek
  • Crowncloud
  • DotVPS
  • Hardcloud
  • NECS – currently not supporting FreeBSD
  • Netcloud
  • Peakserver
  • RamNode
  • Terafire

One of the reason I’m looking for a KVM provider with FreeBSD os is because I want to learn something new. A new command, a new design, and also because I’m spending a lot of time while configuring my FreeBSD vps from VDS6.
The FreeBSD vps from VDS6 is just having 1 CPU with 500Mhz speed, Ram 128MB, Disk Space 2GB, 2 IPv6, and 100GB bandwidth. Last time I’m installing Nginx, it took more than one hour, so I need another place to learn.

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  1. Could you not run something over Virtualbox or VMWare, and emulate FreeBSD instead of going through the trouble of buying a BSD vm until you know what you’re doing?

    1. I’ve tried Virtualbox and Vmware, but my internet connection is slow here, so downloading and installing package could take some time.
      But yeah, thanks for the idea, I should be better trying on local rather than purchasing another vm 🙂

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