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Learning and configuring FreeBSD from Frontrangehosting

After hunting for a KVM with FreeBSD os templates, finally I go with Frontrangehosting.
Here is the list of KVM provider I want to purchase :

  • Cosmostek
  • Crowncloud
  • DotVPS
  • Hardcloud
  • NECS – currently not supporting FreeBSD
  • Netcloud
  • Peakserver
  • RamNode
  • Terafire

One of the reason I’m looking for a KVM provider with FreeBSD os is because I want to learn something new. A new command, a new design, and also because I’m spending a lot of time while configuring my FreeBSD vps from VDS6.
The FreeBSD vps from VDS6 is just having 1 CPU with 500Mhz speed, Ram 128MB, Disk Space 2GB, 2 IPv6, and 100GB bandwidth. Last time I’m installing Nginx, it took more than one hour, so I need another place to learn.


  1. Jimmy

    Could you not run something over Virtualbox or VMWare, and emulate FreeBSD instead of going through the trouble of buying a BSD vm until you know what you’re doing?

    • Erawan Arif Nugroho

      I’ve tried Virtualbox and Vmware, but my internet connection is slow here, so downloading and installing package could take some time.
      But yeah, thanks for the idea, I should be better trying on local rather than purchasing another vm 🙂

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