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Tutorial installing Nginx + Php5-FPM in FreeBSD 8

This tutorial is running in a FreeBSD vps with IPv6 only from VDS6 with the following :

  • Package Name v128
  • Ram 128MB
  • swap 128MB
  • Disk Space 2GB
  • Bandwidth 100GB
  • 2 IPv6
  • FreeBSD 8
  • 1 CPU Core 500Mhz
  • $ 0.95/month

Since the ssh is not configured after first install, we have to change the sshd_config, and reboot the vps. Go to VDSManager – Private Files, and browse to /etc/ssh/sshd_config. Uncomments Port and Listen address, and then reboot the vps.
Next, change the /etc/resolv.conf so the vps can have access to the internet via IPv6, add the Google DNS :

 Installing Nginx

Enable the following modules :

Enable the Nginx by editing /etc/rc.conf, and add the following :

Installing another package
Before we configure and start the web server, we need to install PCRE,  libtool, PHP with FPM and PHP extensions. Follow these steps:

During the selection module page, select FPM (FastCgi Process Manager).

Since PHP-FPM is a service, we need to add this in /etc/rc.conf:

Copying PHP.ini
By default, there is no php.ini specified. So we need to copy the php.ini which has been prepared during port installation.

Start the PHP-FPM

Now PHP5-FPM is listening at, next, prepare the directory for serving the website.
Configure the Nginx.conf

Now we have our webserver ready to launch :

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