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Testing Vpsnet.lt 512MB 10GB unmetered 50mbps

Kali ini saya ingin menulis sebuah review singkat mengenai provider di Lithuania, yaitu vpsnet.lt. VPS ini memiliki spesifikasi sebagai berikut :

Tampilan custom panelnya  pada pertama kali, agak terasa ribet karena ada banyak pilihan. Tapi kalau sudah terbiasa, terasa sangat mudah.
Untuk memanage resource, kita bisa mempergunakan menu dibawah :
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Testing new provider, Time4vps VPS-S

A few days ago, I saw an offer at LowEndBox of a new provider, Time4vps.eu, and I decided to purchase one of their VPS-S with :

After completing the payment, I only received the email containing VPS OS installation instruction from the Client Area, and no SolusVM details like the most vps provider.
OS reinstalled with Debian 6 64bit, but there’s no Tun/Tap/Ppp function button, so we have to make the /dev/net/tun manually if we want to use OpenVPN.

Another way to setup the rDNS is by changing the hostname from the Client Area.
More review will be added soon…

One year with Prometeus XenBiz

It’s almost one year of my service using Prometeus Xen Biz, and I almost forgot that I’ve been with them for that long. 😀
My Xen Biz vps were purchased May 27, 2013 with quarterly payment for $15.96, and the uptime can be seen in the bottom of this blog.
And this is the uptime screenshot 🙂

Malicious connection at DigitalOcean Private Lan

Last month I make a droplet at Digital Ocean Singapore, configure it to be ready to run as a webserver and a proxy or vpn server for private use. After finishing te configuration, I shutdown it, and make a snapshot as my OS Template. And after that I just destroy it.
A few days ago, I start another droplet at Digital Ocean Singapore using the snapshot created back in February 2014, but because I’m so bussy, I forget that I had a running droplet there.
And today, when I saw the munin graph and the vnstat report, the doplet just wasted about 70GB data.
I forgot to make the squid a private proxy by adding an authentication line, so my squid proxy were used by sooo many user using Chineese IP, some were using IP from Voxility.
So, today I stopped the squid, added the authentication line, but still having so many connection. And I just realized that I’m using a Private Lan, a feature from Digital Ocean, which is not “Private”.
The droplet not used for serving any website, and some service already stopped ( Nginx, MySQL, NodeJS, Supervisor, Squid, OpenVPN, MongoDB, PHP), but still having this many connections.
And after checking the denyhosts report for these few days, I saw many IP blacklisted because trying to bruteforce my droplet.
So, if you want to use a droplet from Digital Ocean, do not use the Private Lan. If you really want to use it, please place a very strict firewall/iptables rules on it.

Testing Digital Ocean Singapore

After receiving the email from Digital Ocean for the new DC opening in Singapore, I decided to spin a droplet from my Digital Ocean Account in Singapore. You can register here to get $10 for free 🙂
I’ve moved this blog to Digital Ocean Singapore for testing the speed and the stability. And as usual, like another Digital Ocean minimum spec at another DC, this Cloud Droplet comes with :

 CPU Info

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